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Purchase Order Management

Simplify your purchase order management process easily with eComGlobus. Purchase Order (PO) is an commercial document, issued by the buyer to seller, which authorises a purchase transaction for goods or services from a supplier. Purchase Orders play an important role in controlling business purchases.

How to Create a Purchase Order with the help of eComGlobus?

  • Go to Settings >> Admin Dashboard >> PO Flow Setting, then turn on it.
  • From Menu bar, go to WMS Inbound >> Purchase Order
  • You can view all the Purchase orders created in the below list.
    • Click on purchase order to create PO
    • You can also upload the file for bulk data
  • You can select the PO type from the following options given below:
    • Supplier
    • Stock Transfer
      • Select required supplier
      • Update the PO number
      • PO currency
      • Update all the necessary data
      • Click on Save
  • Below are the instructions on how to upload the bulk data.
    • Click on Download sample.
    • Once the sample is downloaded then, update the file with the required data.
    • Click on Choose File.
    • And click on update.
  • Sample of an Uploaded Excel file
  • After Creating PO :-
    • Click on the 3 dots, then click on send for approval.
  • Select the user, then click on Send.
  • After sending…
    • It is shown that the status is sent for approval.
  • Other users receive this request from a menu of Purchase Order shown below.
  • Click on approve, then send.
  • Then print the request for the purchase order and send an email.
  • After sending an email of approval from the receiving user.
  • It is shown in the sending user of the purchase order as requested.
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