End to end eCommerce fulfilment solution

Manage your warehouse operations, fulfillment, procurement, last-mile delivery, return and refund management – all in one place.

Why to choose eComglobus for
Shopify Integration ?

Mobile App

Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions

Mobile App

Gain end-to-end process visibility to increase business intelligence and proactively respond to issues

Mobile App

Connect disparate data, applications, systems, and trading partners to enhance critical business processes

Steps to install ecomGlobus
app to your Shopify Store

eComGlobus Shopify App will be available on apps.shopify.com.
Below are some steps to follow while downloading the app to your Shopify store :

Step 1


As you install eComGlobus app on your Shopify store, you will be provided with the form to register. Only after registration you will be able to use the app in your Shopify Store.

For registration following details will be required :

  • Organization Name
  • Shortname
  • Country
  • Monthly Orders

Features you like to subscribe :

  • Shipping
  • Reverse Management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Warehousing Services (Available in US, Australia, Egypt, India)

Based on the features subscribed, you need to enter further details.

Step 2

Reverse Management

eComGlobus Shopify App will be providing advanced features for accepting the return orders and assign them to 3PL for pickup.

  • Return Reasons (Select reasons from existing list or add more to the list)
  • Returns Window (Days after the sale return is allowed)
  • Ineligible Product Category (Product category which couldn’t be returned)
  • Ineligible Product (Product which can’t be returned)
Step 3


You can connect and integrate your Shopify store data with application integration from the eComGlobus which enables :

  • Seamless integration with your ERP, CRM, EDI, and fulfillment systems
  • Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis
  • Business intelligence and optimized operational outcomes
  • Fast & efficient way of selling online & fulfilling your Shopify orders

Advanced Warehouse
and Fulfillment
services available now!

With eComGlobus, get access to advanced warehouse and fulfillment services in Singapore, Malaysia, United States and Australia.

Compare Best Shipping rates from Multiple Carriers

eComGlobus is a dedicated supplier of shipping APIs that works with more than 40+ carriers worldwide. eComGlobus, has a number of out-of-the-box integrations with parcel carriers . It helps to integrate with multiple carriers through their APIs and web applications.



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