Last Mile Delivery

With eComGlobus, get access to an advanced Last Mile Delivery software to drive customer centricity and profitability.

If you’re handling last-mile delivery you can use the MATRIX mobile app for assigning the deliveries and getting the delivery updates.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of Real-Time Last Mile Visibility
  • Control over Last Mile Operations
  • Reducing Operational Efficiency
  • Growing Volumes of Shipment Status Check-in Calls
  • A Dearth of Day-to-Day Operational Clarity for Drivers
  • Increasing Customer Anxiety

Benefits of Last Mile
Delivery Software offered by eComGlobus

Real-Time Route Optimization

eComGlobus Last mile delivery software optimizes predefined delivery routes in real-time. Based on factors like traffic congestion, weather conditions, delivery urgency, sudden road closures, number of deliveries on a single route amongst others, it constantly looks for ways to ensure that a driver is armed with the most efficient route and that ETAs are adhered to.

Proactive Delivery Monitoring

eComglobus last mile delivery platform empowers you to get proactive with deliveries and help your customers prepare contingencies in case of any unprecedented events. By studying patterns and analyzing historical data a last mile delivery tracking platform accurately predicts how much time delivery will be on-time or delayed.

Enhanced Delivery Productivity

It boosts productivity by ensuring drivers follow highly-efficient routes, it eliminates chances of unnecessary delays and stoppages and triggers alerts in case of potential risk-situation. All these functionalities positively impact delivery turnaround-time and reduce overhead expenses.

Data-Driven Decision Making

It is powered by machine learning algorithms and business intelligence that empower delivery stakeholders to make prompt and accurate decisions based on data.

Intelligent Third-Party Logistics Management

eComGlobus last mile delivery software tracks every movement of 3PL providers, carriers and shippers. At any given point in time businesses can know the delivery status of an order that’s being shipped by a logistics partner. It accurately benchmarks KPIs of third-party logistics providers by analyzing historical performance. It helps select delivery partners based on the type of delivery, size of the order, location of parcels, nature of items and more.

Improved Customer Experience

eComGlobus last mile delivery tracking software empowers you to provide high-levels of delivery transparency to your customers. Your customers can know at any given time where their delivery is, when it will reach and who will bring it. It sends out automated notifications to customers updating them about delivery progress and delays if any. eComGlobus last mile tracking platform is powered by natural language processing chatbots that promotes customer engagement.

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