Advanced Return Management

With eComGlobus, manage your returns efficiently while reducing your processing and logistics costs. Highly configurable returns processing solution with guided workflows for receiving, inspecting, and grading product returns.

eComGlobus will be providing features for accepting the return orders and assigning them to 3PL for pickup. With the eComGlobus Return Management System, you can track the movement of the reverse shipment easily in a single platform.

Benefits of a returns management with eComGlobus

return management
Reduce returns processing costs
return management
Accelerate return processes
return management
Maximize value recovery
return management
Keep customers satisfied

Faster returns processing

Speed up the cash recovery cycle with quicker and more efficient returns approval, pickup and transportation processes.

  • Create, confirm or cancel returns
  • Assign desired return warehouse
  • Add returns pick-up date
  • Create and download a custom returns label
  • Add return reason

Customized returns eligibility & rules

With Advanced eComGlobus return management system, customize your business rules to reduce the unhappy; define eligibility & logistics to streamline the returns chain.

  • Adjust return order quantity
  • Opt for feasible refund/replacement option
  • Set preferred return policy
  • Customer-specific return processing
  • Serial no. based warranty check

Real-time status tracking

Gain customer’s trust by keeping them informed about returns, pick-up and refund status updates with message/email automation.

  • Send return updates via SMS or email with eComglobus return management system
  • Sort returns by status and dates
  • Sync tracking with a shipping partner
  • Automated notifications upon status change
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms

Returned products management

With eComGlobus return management system, sort returns as refurbished, resalable or unsaleable items and accordingly disperse the products in the value chain in no time.

  • Return items sorting & consolidation
  • Sync back to the original inventory
  • Return to warehouse, vendor or dropshipper
  • Issue & manage replacements
  • Service parts management

Refund management

with eComGlobus return management system, identify whether to ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for check/repair or even issue a refund – for optimal results.

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) compliance
  • Automated refund processing
  • Workflow approvals for procedural compliance
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Accounting integration

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